National Climate Conclave 2023 Started with the Video of Saurabh Shukla (Make Joke Of)

A young and very talented Youtuber Saurabh Shukla who got the diamond button because of of his very famous Youtube Make Jokes of. Saurabh Shukla present his video in the “National Climate Conclave 2023” in Kanpur.

The event was so mesmerizing and Joyous with Video made by Saurav Shukla (MJO) on awareness on Climate change.

Saurabh Shukla of “Make Joke Of” made 2 videos for National Climate Conclave 2023 which lasted for two days. In first video Saurabh Shukla made two characters one is common man and other is hell man. The Hellman was punishing the common man because he is not aware about the change in climate and problems due to the change in climate condition.

Watch the Second Video made by Saurabh Shukla on Climate Change and Use of green and blue bins.

Chief Guests

The chief Guest in The National Climate Conclave is DR. Arun Kumar Saxena, Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge), Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Uttar Pradesh, and Guest of Honour, Shri K.P. Malik, Hon’ble Minister of State, Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Uttar Pradesh inaugurated the teaser of the NATIONAL CLIMATE CONCLAVE 2023.

Who is Saurabh Shukla?

Saurabh Shukla is 24 year-old younger youtuber who lives in Shuklaganj, Kanpur. He is an editor , writer, Animator, Actor and 3D artist behind “Make Joke of”. His youtube chanel has 12M+ Subscriber. His video are so good and relatable to the common family life funny movements and his videos is seen all over the world. He is actually very good in his work, and got Youtube diamond button at very young age.