Opposition Party Negativity will never successful, says PM Narendra Modi in addressing 38 Parties leaders in Delhi

Narendra Modi addressing the 38 parties to thanked the NDA leaders for showing faith in Modi and NDA Party completes 25 years. He said ‘” he can mistake but he will not do anything wrong which is beyond his ill intention”.

NDA is the National Democratic Alliance in the context of Indian politics was formed in 1998, which is a political coalition of various political parties in India. It is led by the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and includes several regional and smaller parties. The NDA is a right-leaning political alliance that has formed the government at the national level in India.

After the 25 years of excellence Modi pay the tribute to NDA founding members Ata Bihari Vajpayee, Babasaheb Thackrey, Prakash Singh Badal and Sharad Yadav.

In addressing the leaders MR Modi talk about the coalitions formed by opposition party for 2024 election is a coalition compulsion to blind eye. Further he said “NDA is different from other parties. The aim of NDA is very clear to help the people. Opposition party is making mistake by doubting the understanding of the people and people knows why we unit this place today.