Netflix new web series on banking Berlin

After Money Heist globally most watched web series Netflix is again is again back with a mega blockbuster on banking new series and the sequel of the money heist. Berlin is the web series of the mastermind of the bank robbery in the Money Heist web Series Mr. Andrés de Fonollosa who is known as Berlin. The new series of the Netflix is based on the central character Berlin and his banking team Squad with full entertainment, suspense and drama it will be a power pack come back of the Berlin after the web series Money Heist.

Berlin, whose real name is Andrés de Fonollosa, is a fictional character in the Spanish television series “Money Heist” (also known as “La Casa de Papel”). He is portrayed by actor Pedro Alonso. Berlin is one of the central characters in the show and plays a significant role in the heists orchestrated by the Professor.

Berlin is a charismatic and intelligent criminal mastermind. He is the older brother of the Professor (Sergio Marquina) and serves as the second-in-command during the heists. Berlin possesses exceptional leadership skills and is known for his meticulous planning and strategic thinking.

Despite his ruthless nature, Berlin is a complex character with a refined taste for art and music. He often displays a flamboyant and extravagant demeanor, enjoying the finer things in life. Berlin is known for his iconic outfits, including his signature red suit and mask.

Throughout the series, Berlin becomes a fan-favorite character due to his unique personality and enigmatic nature. Despite his terminal illness, he remains a crucial part of the heists and leaves a lasting impact on the story. Now its time of the see the amazing performance of Andrés de Fonollosa on the web series Berlin.