Elon Musk New Policy: Pay $8 for Blue tick Legacy

Elon Musk who acquired the twitter in 2022 for $44 billion is come with new twitter policy which come to an effect from Thursday. According to Elon Musk new policy, the one who want blue tick on their twitter account will have to pay $8 per month, it is a subscription service that allow account to receive Twitter Blue Checkmark.

Many twitter users declared that they would not pay for blue tick or leave the platform. Many twitter users left the platform last week like SCOTUS blog a news website of U.S. that said they will no longer put any information on the twitter and U.S radio network also left the twitter. Celebrities like Rajnikanth, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma elon Musk remove legacy of blue tick for their twitter verified account. According to the reports, Elon Musk is paying for Subscription of blue tick for some Celebrities like Lebron James, William Shatner and Stephen King.

Earlier the blue tick on Twitter is a verification badge that appears next to the name of an account. It indicates that Twitter has confirmed the authenticity of the account and that it belongs to a person or organization of public interest, such as celebrities, public figures, government officials, or brands.

The blue tick helps users to easily identify authentic accounts from fake ones, especially for high-profile accounts that are often impersonated or hacked. It also gives a level of credibility to the account and can increase the trust of followers and potential followers.

To get a blue tick on Twitter, you need to apply for verification through Twitter’s verification request form. Twitter reviews the request and decides whether to grant verification based on their criteria. Meeting the criteria does not guarantee verification, as Twitter ultimately has the final say in who receives the blue tick.